About us

Portfon was founded in 2022 as the simplest way to convert PDF files to digital web-based flip-books, which can be shared and viewed across all platforms.

Instead of a quick, distracted web, we want a slow, attentive and a free one. Instead of hastily perused information, we prefer content to be absorbed calmly. This is why Portfon is a place to perceive information slowly, without distractions. No click ,  like,  tweet, share, no advertising, banners, pop-ups. Just pure content. If you like what we’re doing, consider making a donation and allow us to keep Portfon free, forever.

— Feel free to write us at hello(at)portfon.com

If your message isn't written in English or German, then it will be translated automatically by a machine. Our reply will be translated to your language the same way.

— Do not contact us if you are trying to reach one of our users. We do not relay messages, and we cannot reveal the identity or any other contact details.

Last updated: April 5, 2022